New Credit Score System

Places like China are taking the lead on Data collection with their NEW SOCIAL CREDIT SCORE SYSTEM. Leaving the United States behind in its dust. Back in 2014 China purposed their New Social Credit Score System. It originally was set to be complete in 2020. Due to Covid-19 their projections were slightly off. Here we are in 2021 and could this be the future here in the America’s soon, Better yet our tomorrow?

With advancements in technology such as blockchain and data collection, It seem to be an inevitable future. To some its a silver lining and others its a path to dim Matrix like tomorrow.  Further projecting the Patriot Act which was put in place after the 9/11 DOMESTIC TERROR PLAN. That Act was put in place to track phone calls, emails, Keyword use and any so called suspicious activity.

So some may act like this is a new concept but we have slowly  been getting integrated for the Social Credit System advancement of data usage. Which means better tech like we see in some Movies and the use of computers to track and find people which is facial  recognition. These are some movies that express the importance of data and the use of super computers for tacking and other uses.

  • Star Trek
  • Batman the Dark Knight 
  • The Matrix
  • Johnny Mnemonic 
  • Tron
  • and Snowden 

This video pretty much sums it up. Make you think right?


how safe is your credit

At the rate data collection is going across the internet and mobile devices no one is safe. Not even contraction with big cloud companies like Amazon and Microsoft. So with the generation of Blockchain and monetizing of data like cookies and smart contracts how can we expect these companies not to give our personal information over to the Government, Hackers, or Terrorist’s Domestic or Foreign. AND HERES THE REAL KICKER WHY DONT WE THE PEOPLE GET PAID FOR OUR  DATA THAT THEY MONETIZE LIKE STOCK AND MUTUAL FUNDS? IS THIS THE FUTURE WE WANT WITH BETTER TECHNOLOGY?


Not all Heros wears capes

Eric Snowdedn now proclaimed PRIVACY ADVOCATE  years after his movie release and the release of private information to the press. Snowden states that he had found evidence of criminal activity that he leaked to the press. Could it be because of people like Eric Snowden that we don’t have a system like this in the Americas .. Well at least not one that is public yet. The United States Government labels him as terrorists others call him a hero.


The Good  The Bad The Line Crossing

The Bad 

  • Blacklisted 
  • Denied Jobs
  • Fired From Jobs
  • Not Allowed to Fly 
  • Not Allowed to Drive 
  • NO Public
  • Transportation 
  • No Loans 
  • Not Able to Rent Cars
  • or Property 
  • cant speak out against the government 

The Good 

  • People have another reason besides Religion to be Morally correct 
  • You have a better idea of who we have in our community and companies 
  • can increase your family value 
  • could possibly  make a better world 
  • easy to travel 
  • get discounts 
  • lower interest rates 
always being watched
Your being watched
And their keeping count

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