1.4 American Treaties

This may be one of the most important sections of the whole classas it pertains to treaties. Even thought we know the US corporation have violated our trities time and time again. TheSupremacy Clause of the Constitution of the United States (Article VI, Clause 2), establishes that the Constitution, federal laws made pursuant to it, and treaties made under its authority, constitute the “supreme Law of the Land”, and thus take priority over any conflicting state laws.  With that being know how do we enforce our own treaties against people who have never cared to be upright with us ever in history. The Answer will be in the Intentional Class so be sure to check it out.

Before the United States Declaration of Independence in 1776, the sovereign of the United Kingdom and the leaders of various North American colonies negotiated treaties that affected the territory of what would later become the United States.

The Treaty of Hartford was a treaty concluded between England, the Mohegan and the Narragansett on September 21, 1638, in Hartford, Connecticut.

The Anglo–Powhatan Wars were three wars fought between settlers of the Virginia Colony and Algonquin Indians of the Powhatan Confederacy in the early seventeenth century. The first war started in 1610 and ended in a peace settlement in 1614.

The Treaty of 1677 (also known as the Treaty Between Virginia And The Indians 1677 or Treaty of Middle Plantation) was signed in Virginia on May 28, 1677, between the English Crown and representatives from various Virginia Native American tribes including the Nottoway, the Appomattoc, the Wayonaoake, the Nansemond, the Nanzatico, the Monacan, the Saponi, and the Meherrin following the end of Bacon’s Rebellion.

Deed from the Five Nations to the King, of their Beaver Hunting Ground, more commonly known as the Nanfan Treaty, was an agreement made between the representatives of the Iroquois Confederacy with John Nanfan, the acting colonial governor of New York, on behalf of The Crown. The treaty was conducted in Albany, New York, on July 19, 1701, and amended by both parties on September 14, 1726.

The Five Nations (which became the ‘Six Nations’ after 1720) 

The Great Treaty of 1722 was a document signed in Albany, New York by leaders of the Five Nations of IroquoisProvince of New YorkColony of Virginia, and Province of Pennsylvania.

Following the Beaver Wars of the 17th century, the Iroquois confederacy had amassed a great deal of influence in North America. The British colonies in North America were still relatively small, but growing in influence- especially following the 1664 acquisition of New Amsterdam.


The Six Nations land cessions were a series of land cessions by the Haudenosaunee and Lenape which ceded large amounts of land, including both recently conquered territories acquired from other indigenous peoples in the Beaver Wars and ancestral lands to the Thirteen Colonies and the United States. The land ceded covered, partially or in the entire, the U.S. states of New YorkPennsylvaniaMarylandVirginiaWest VirginiaKentuckyOhioTennessee and North Carolina. They were bordered to the west by the Algonquian lands in the Ohio CountryCherokee lands to the south, and Muscogee and Choctaw lands to the southeast.

In 1749 the British Crown awarded the Ohio Company a grant of 500,000 acres in the Ohio Country between the Monongahela and the Kanawha Rivers, provided that the company would settle 100 families within seven years.

The Treaty of Easton was a colonial agreement in North America signed in October 1758 during the French and Indian War (Seven Years’ War) between British colonials and the chiefs of 13 Native American nations, representing tribes of the IroquoisLenape (Delaware), and Shawnee.

The signing of the treaty formally ended conflict between France and Great Britain over control of North America (the Seven Years’ War, known as the French and Indian War in the United States)

Treaty of Hard Labour and the Treaty of Fort Stanwix. On October 17, 1768, British representative John Stuart signed the Treaty of Hard Labour with the Cherokee tribe, relinquishing all Cherokee claims to the property west of the Allegheny Mountains and east of the Ohio River,

The Treaty of Fort Stanwix was a treaty signed between representatives from the Iroquois and Great Britain (accompanied by negotiators from New JerseyVirginia and Pennsylvania) in 1768 at Fort Stanwix. It was negotiated between Sir William Johnson, his deputy George Croghan, and representatives of the Iroquois.[1]

The Treaty of Lochaber was signed in South Carolina on 18 October 1770 by British representative John Stuart and the Cherokee people, fixing the boundary for the western limit of the colonial frontier settlements of Virginia and North Carolina.[1]

The conflict resulted from escalating violence between white settlers, who, in accordance with previous treaties,[which?] were exploring and moving into land south of the Ohio River (modern West Virginiasouthwestern Pennsylvania, and Kentucky), and Native Americans, who had rights to hunt there. As a result of incursions and successive attacks by settlers upon Indian lands, provoking Indian war bands to retaliate, war was declared “to pacify the hostile Indian war bands”. The war ended soon after Virginia’s victory in the Battle of Point Pleasant on October 10, 1774.








YearDateTreaty nameAlternative
Treaty name
StatutesLand cession
(Royce Area)
1778September 17Treaty of Fort PittTreaty with the DelawaresStat. 13 Lenape
1784October 22Treaty of Fort StanwixTreaty with the Six Nations (1784)Stat. 151, 2Six Nations (MohawkSenecaOneidaTuscaroraCayugaOnondaga)
1785January 21Treaty of Fort McIntoshTreaty with the Wyandot (1785)Stat. 16 WyandotLenapeOjibweOdawa
1785November 28Treaty of HopewellTreaty with the CherokeeStat. 183Cherokee
1786January 3Treaty of HopewellTreaty with the ChoctawStat. 21 Choctaw
1786January 10Treaty of HopewellTreaty with the ChickasawStat. 24 Chickasaw
1786January 31Treaty of Fort FinneyTreaty with the ShawneeStat. 26 Shawnee
1788September 3Ordinance of CongressMoravian Indian Grantsv34 pp 485–4874, 5, 6Christian Indians
1789January 9Treaty of Fort HarmarTreaty with the Wyandot, etc.Stat. 28 WyandotLenapeCouncil of Three Fires (OjibweOdawaPotawatomi), Sauk
1789January 9Treaty of Fort HarmarTreaty with the Six Nations (1789)Stat. 33 Six Nations (MohawkSenecaOneidaTuscaroraCayugaOnondaga)
1790August 7Treaty of New York (1790)Treaty with the CreekStat. 357Creek
1791March 3Act of Congress Stat. 221 PiankeshawKaskaskia
1791July 2Treaty of HolstonTreaty with the CherokeeStat. 398Cherokee
1792February 17Treaty of PhiladelphiaAdditional article to the Treaty with the CherokeeStat. 42 Cherokee
1792April 23Philadelphia AgreementAgreement with the Five Nations of Indians  Five Nations (SenecaOneidaTuscaroraCayugaOnondaga)
1794June 26Treaty of HolstonTreaty with the CherokeeStat. 43 Cherokee
1794November 11Treaty of CanandaiguaTreaty with the Six Nations (1794), Pickering Treaty, Calico TreatyStat. 449, 10Six Nations (MohawkSenecaOneidaTuscaroraCayugaOnondaga)
1794December 2Treaty of OneidaTreaty with the Oneida, etc.Stat. 47 Five Nations (SenecaOneidaTuscaroraCayugaOnondaga)
1795August 3Treaty of GreenvilleTreaty with the Wyandot, etc.Stat. 4911, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27WyandotLenapeShawneeCouncil of Three Fires (Chippewa, SaukOttawaPotawatomi), MiamiEel RiverWeaKickapooPiankeshawKaskaskia
1796May 31Treaty of New York (1796)Treaty with the Seven Nations of CanadaStat. 5528Seven Nations of Canada (Akwesasne MohawkKahnawake MohawkAnishinaabeg (Algonquin and Nipissing) and Mohawk of OkaOdanak AbenakiBecancour AbenakiJeune-Lorette WyandotOswegatchie Onondaga)
1796June 29Treaty of ColerainTreaty with the CreeksStat. 56 Creek
1797March 29Treaty of AlbanyRelinquishment by the MohawksStat. 61 Mohawk
1797September 15Genesee AgreementAgreement with the Seneca, Big Tree TreatyStat. 60129, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41Seneca
1798June 1Ratified Treaty Number 28Convention Between the State of New York and the Oneida Indians  Oneida
1798October 2Treaty of TellicoTreaty with the CherokeeStat. 6242Cherokee


YearDateTreaty nameAlternative
treaty name
StatutesLand cession
(Royce Area)
1801October 24Treaty of Chickasaw BluffsTreaty with the ChickasawStat. 65 Chickasaw
1801December 17Treaty of Fort AdamsTreaty with the ChoctawStat. 6643Choctaw
1802June 16Treaty of Fort WilkinsonTreaty with the CreeksStat. 6844Creek
1802June 30Treaty of Buffalo CreekIndenture with the SenecasStat. 7045Seneca
1802June 30Treaty of Buffalo CreekTreaty with the SenecaStat. 72 Seneca
1802October 17Treaty of Fort ConfederationProvisional Convention with the ChoctawsStat. 7346Choctaw
1803June 7Treaty of Fort WayneTreaty with the Delawares, etc.Stat. 74 LenapeShawneePotawatomiMiamiEel RiverWeaKickapooPiankeshawKaskaskia
1803August 7Treaty of VincennesRelinquishment of land to the United States by the Eel-Rivers, Wyandots, Piankeshaws, Kaskaskias, and KickapoosTreaty with the Eel River, etc.Stat. 7747Eel RiverWyandotPiankeshawKaskaskiaKickapoo
1803August 13Treaty of VincennesTreaty with the KaskaskiaStat. 7848Kaskaskia
1803August 31Treaty of Hoe BuckintoopaTreaty with the ChoctawStat. 80 Choctaw
1804August 18Treaty of VincennesTreaty with the DelawaresStat. 8149Lenape
1804August 27Treaty of VincennesTreaty with the PiankeshawStat. 83 Piankeshaw
1804October 24Treaty of TellicoTreaty with the CherokeeStat. 22852Cherokee
1804November 3Treaty of St. Louis (1804)Treaty with the Sauk and FoxesStat. 8450, 51Sac and Fox
1805July 4Treaty of Fort IndustryTreaty with the Wyandot, etc.Stat. 8753, 54WyandotOdawaOjibweMunseeLenapeShawneePotawatomi
1805July 23Treaty of Chickasaw CountyTreaty with the ChickasawStat. 8955Chickasaw
1805August 21Treaty of GrouselandTreaty with the Delawares, etc.Stat. 9156LenapePotawatomiMiamiEel RiverWea
1805September 23Pike’s PurchaseTreaty with the Sioux  Sioux
1805October 25Treaty of TellicoTreaty with the CherokeeStat. 9357Cherokee
1805October 27Treaty of TellicoTreaty with the CherokeeStat. 9558, 59Cherokee
1805November 14Treaty of WashingtonConvention with the CreeksStat. 9660Creek
1805November 16Treaty of Mount DexterTreaty with the ChoctawStat. 9861, 62Choctaw
1805December 30Treaty of VincennesTreaty with the PiankashawStat. 10063Piankeshaw
1806January 7Treaty of WashingtonConvention with the CherokeeStat. 10164, 65Cherokee
1807March 3Act of Congress Stat. 448 Lenape
1807September 11Treaty of Chickasaw Old FieldsElucidation of the convention with the Cherokees of January 7, 1806Stat. 103 Cherokee
1807November 17Treaty of DetroitTreaty with the Ottawa, etc.Stat. 10566OdawaOjibweWyandotPotawatomi
1808November 10Treaty of Fort ClarkTreaty with the OsageStat. 10767, 68, 69Osage
1808November 25Treaty of BrownstownTreaty with the Chippewa, etc.Stat. 11270Council of Three Fires (OjibweOdawaPotawatomi), WyandotShawnee
1809February 28Act of Congress Stat. 527 Alabama
1809February 28Act of Congress Stat. 527 Wyandot
1809September 30Treaty of Fort WayneTreaty with the Delawares, etc.Stat. 11371, 72, 73LenapePotawatomiMiamiEel River
1809September 30Treaty of Fort Wayne, AddendumSupplementary Treaty with the Miami, etc., Separate article with the Miamies and Eel-Rivers, forming part of the treaty of September 30, 1809Stat. 115 MiamiEel River
1809October 26Treaty of VincennesConvention with the WeaStat. 116 Wea
1809December 9Treaty with the Kickapoo Stat. 11774Kickapoo


YearDateTreaty NameAlternative
Treaty Name
StatutesLand Cession
(Royce Area)
1814July 22Treaty of GreenvilleTreaty with the Wyandot, etc.Stat. 118 WyandotLenapeShawneeSenecaMiami
1814August 9Treaty of Fort JacksonTreaty with the CreeksArticles of agreement and capitualtion with the CreeksStat. 12075Creek
1815July 18Treaty of Portage des SiouxTreaty with the PotawatomiStat. 123 Potawatomi
1815July 18Treaty of Portage des SiouxTreaty with the PiankashawStat. 124 Piankeshaw
1815July 19Treaty of Portage des SiouxTreaty with the TetonStat. 125 Lakota
1815July 19Treaty of Portage des SiouxTreaty with the Sioux of the LakesStat. 126 Mdewakantonwan Dakota
1815July 19Treaty of Portage des SiouxTreaty with the Sioux of St. Peter’s RiverStat. 127 Wahpekute DakotaWahpetonwan Dakota
1815July 19Treaty of Portage des SiouxTreaty with the Yankton SiouxStat. 128 Ihanktonwan Dakota
1815July 20Treaty of Portage des SiouxTreaty with the OmahaStat. 129 Omaha
1815September 2Treaty of Portage des SiouxTreaty with the KickapooStat. 130 Kickapoo
1815September 8Treaty of SpringwellsTreaty with the Wyandot, etc.Stat. 131 WyandotLenapeSenecaShawneeMiamiCouncil of Three Fires (OjibweOdawaPotawatomi)
1815September 12Treaty of Portage des SiouxTreaty with the OsageStat. 133 Osage
1815September 13Treaty of Portage des SiouxTreaty with the SaukStat. 134 Sac
1815September 14Treaty of Portage des SiouxTreaty with the FoxesStat. 135 Fox
1815September 16Treaty of Portage des SiouxTreaty with the IowaStat. 136 Iowa
1815October 28Treaty of St. LouisTreaty with the KansaStat. 137 Kaw
1816March 22Treaty of WashingtonTreaty with the CherokeeStat. 13876Cherokee
1816March 22Treaty of WashingtonConvention with the CherokeeStat. 139 Cherokee
1816May 13Treaty of St. LouisTreaty with the SaukStat. 141 Sac
1816June 1Treaty of St. LouisTreaty with the SiouxStat. 143 Wahpekute DakotaWahpetonwan DakotaWazikute Nakota
1816June 3Treaty of St. LouisTreaty with the WinnebagoStat. 144 Winnebago
1816June 4Treaty of Fort HarrisonTreaty with the Wea and KickapooStat. 145 WeaKickapoo
1816August 24Treaty of St. Louis (1816)Treaty with the Ottawa, etc.Stat. 14677, 78, 78aCouncil of Three Fires (OdawaOjibwePotawatomi)
1816September 14Treaty of Chickasaw Council HouseTreaty with the CherokeeStat. 14879Cherokee
1816September 20Treaty of Chickasaw Council HouseTreaty with the ChickasawStat. 15080, 81Chickasaw
1816October 24Treaty of Choctaw Trading HouseTreaty with the ChoctawStat. 15282Choctaw
1817March 30Treaty of St. LouisTreaty with the MenomineeStat. 153 Menominee
1817June 24Treaty with the Oto Stat. 154 OtoeMissouri
1817June 25Treaty with the Ponca Stat. 155 Ponca
1817July 8Treaty of Cherokee AgencyTreaty with the CherokeeStat. 15683, 84, 85, 86Cherokee
1817September 29Treaty of Fort MeigsTreaty with the Wyandot, etc.Treaty of the Foot of the RapidsTreaty of Miami RapidsStat. 16087, 88, 89, 90, 91WyandotSenecaLenapeShawneePotawatomiOdawaOjibwe
1818January 3Vincennes ContractAgreement with the Piankeshaw  Piankeshaw
1818January 22Treaty of Creek AgencyTreaty with the CreeksStat. 17192, 93Creek
1818June 18Treaty of St. LouisTreaty with the Grand PawneeStat. 172 Chaui Pawnee
1818June 19Treaty of St. LouisTreaty with the Noisy PawneeStat. 173 Pawnee
1818June 20Treaty of St. LouisTreaty with the Pawnee RepublicStat. 174 Kitkehahki Pawnee
1818June 22Treaty of St. LouisTreaty with the Pawnee MarharStat. 175 Pawnee
1818August 24Treaty of St. LouisTreaty with the QuapawStat. 17694Quapaw
1818September 17Treaty of St. Mary’sTreaty with the Wyandot, etc.Stat. 178 WyandotSenecaShawneeOdawa
1818September 20Treaty of St. Mary’sTreaty with the WyandotStat. 18095, 96Wyandot
1818September 21Treaty of EdwardsvilleTreaty with the Peoria, etc.Stat. 18196aPeoriaKaskaskiaMichigameaCahokiaTamaroa
1818September 25Treaty of St. Louis (1818)Treaty with the OsageStat. 18397Osage
1818October 2Treaty of St. Mary’sTreaty with the PotawatomiStat. 18598Potawatomi
1818October 2Treaty of St. Mary’sTreaty with the WeaStat. 186 Wea
1818October 3Treaty of St. Mary’sTreaty with the DelawaresStat. 188 Lenape
1818October 6Treaty of St. Mary’sTreaty with the MiamiStat. 18999Miami
1818October 19Treaty of Old TownTreaty with the ChickasawStat. 192100Chickasaw
1819February 27Treaty of WashingtonTreaty with the CherokeeStat. 195101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 107, 108, 109Cherokee
1819July 30Treaty of EdwardsvilleTreaty with the KickapooStat. 200110Kickapoo
1819August 30Treaty of Fort HarrisonTreaty with the KickapooStat. 202110Kickapoo
1819September 24Treaty of SaginawTreaty with the ChippewaStat. 203111Ojibwe


YearDateTreaty NameAlternative
Treaty Name
StatutesLand Cession
(Royce Area)
1820June 16Treaty of Sault Ste. MarieTreaty with the ChippewaStat. 206112Ojibwe
1820July 6Treaty of L’Arbor Croche and MichilimackinacTreaty with the Ottawa and ChippewaStat. 207113OdawaOjibwe
1820July 19Treaty of St. LouisTreaty with the KickapooStat. 208 Kickapoo
1820August 11Treaty of VincennesTreaty with the WeaStat. 209114Wea
1820September 5Treaty of VincennesTreaty with the Kickapoo of the VermilionConvention with the KickapooStat. 210 Kickapoo
1820October 18Treaty of Doak’s StandTreaty with the ChoctawStat. 210115Choctaw
1821January 8Treaty of Indian SpringsTreaty with the CreeksStat. 215116Creek
1821January 8Treaty of Mineral SpringTreaty with the CreeksArticles of agreement with the CreeksStat. 217 Creek
1821August 29Treaty of ChicagoTreaty with the Ottawa, etc.Stat. 218117Council of Three Fires (OdawaOjibwePotawatomi)
1822August 31Treaty of Fort ClarkTreaty with the OsageStat. 222 Great and Little Osage
1822September 3Treaty of St. LouisTreaty with the Sauk and FoxesStat. 223 Sac and Fox
1823March 3Act of CongressMoravian Indian GrantsStat. 7494, 5, 6Christian Munsee
1823September 3Moscow AgreementAgreement with the Seneca  Seneca
1823September 18Treaty of Moultrie CreekTreaty with the Florida Tribes of IndiansStat. 224118, 119Seminole
1824May 26Act of CongressMoravian Indian GrantsStat. 574, 5, 6Christian Munsee
1824August 4Treaty of WashingtonTreaty with the Sauk and FoxesStat. 229120Sac and Fox
1824August 4Treaty of WashingtonTreaty with the IowaStat. 231 Iowa
1824November 15Treaty of Harrington’sTreaty with the QuapawStat. 232121Quapaw
1825January 20Treaty of Washington CityConvention with the ChoctawStat. 234122Choctaw
1825February 12Treaty of Indian SpringsConvention with the CreeksStat. 237 Creek
1825June 2Treaty of St. LouisTreaty with the OsageStat. 240123Great and Little Osage
1825June 3Treaty of St. LouisTreaty with the KansaStat. 244124Kansa
1825June 9Treaty of White Paint CreekTreaty with the PoncaStat. 247 Ponca
1825June 22Treaty of Fort LookoutTreaty with the Teton, etc., SiouxStat. 250 Teton (Lakota)Yankton-Yanktonai (Nakota)
1825June 29Broken Arrow AgreementAgreement with the Creeks, Appendix  Creek
1825July 5Treaty of Teton RiverTreaty with the Sioune and Oglala TribesStat. 252 Oglala Sioux
1825July 6Treaty of Teton RiverTreaty with the Cheyenne TribeStat. 255 Cheyenne
1825July 16Treaty of ArikaraTreaty with the Hunkpapa Band of the Sioux TribeStat. 257 Hunkpapa
1825July 18Treaty of ArikaraTreaty with the Arikara TribeStat. 259 Arikara
1825July 30Treaty of MandanTreaty with the Belantse-Etoa or Minitaree TribeStat. 261 Hidatsa
1825July 30Treaty of MandanTreaty with the Mandan TribeStat. 264 Mandan
1825August 4Treaty of MandanTreaty with the Crow TribeStat. 266 Crow
1825August 10Treaty of Council GroveTreaty with the Great and Little OsageStat. 268 Great and Little Osage
1825August 16Treaty of Sora Kansas CreekTreaty with the KansaStat. 270 Kansa
1825August 19First Treaty of Prairie du ChienTreaty with the Sioux, etc.Stat. 272 SiouxOjibweSac and FoxMenominiIowayHo-chunk, and Council of Three Fires (OjibweOdawaPotawatomi)
1825September 26Treaty of Fort AtkinsonTreaty with the Oto and Missouri TribeStat. 277 OtoMissouri
1825September 30Treaty of Fort AtkinsonTreaty with the Pawnee TribeStat. 279 Pawnee
1825October 6Treaty of Fort AtkinsonTreaty with the Omaha TribeStat. 282 Omaha
1825November 7Treaty of St. Louis (1825)Convention with the ShawneeStat. 284125, 126Shawnee
1826January 24Treaty of WashingtonTreaty with the CreeksStat. 286127, 128, 129, 130, 131Creek
1826March 31Supplement to the Treaty of WashingtonSupplementary article to the Treaty with the Creeks of January 24, 1826Stat. 289 Creek
1826August 5Treaty of Fond du LacTreaty with the ChippewaStat. 290 Ojibwe
1826October 16Treaty of MississinewasTreaty with the PotawatomiStat. 295132, 133Potawatomi
1826October 23Treaty of MississinewasTreaty with the MiamiStat. 300 Miami
1827August 11Treaty of Butte des MortsTreaty with the Chippewa, Menomonie, WinnebagoStat. 303134OjibweMenominiHo-chunk
1827September 19Treaty of St. JosephTreaty with the PotawatomiStat. 305135, 136, 137, 138, 139, 140Potawatomi
1827November 15Treaty of Creek AgencyArticles of agreement with the CreeksStat. 307141Creek
1828February 11Treaty of WyandotTreaty with the Eel RiverTreaty with the Thorntown Party of the Miami IndiansTreaty with the MiamiStat. 309142Eel River
1828May 6Treaty of WashingtonTreaty with the Western CherokeeTreaty with the Cherokees West of the Mississippi RiverConvention with the CherokeesStat. 311143, 144Cherokee
1828August 25Treaty of Green BayTreaty with the Winnebago, etc.; Treaty with the Winnebago Tribe and the United Tribes of Pottawatomie, Chippewa and Ottawa; Articles of agreement with the Winnebagoes, Pottawatimies, Chippewas, and OttawasStat. 315 Ho-ChunkCouncil of Three Fires (PotawatomiOjibweOdawa)
1828September 20Treaty of St. JosephTreaty with the PotawatomiStat. 317
Stat. 603
145, 146Potawatomi
1829July 29Second Treaty of Prairie du ChienTreaty with the Chippewa, etc., Second Treaty of Prairie du ChienStat. 320
Stat. 604
147, 148Council of Three Fires (OjibweOdawaPotawatomi)
1829August 1Third Treaty of Prairie du ChienThird Treaty of Prairie du Chien, Treaty with the WinnebagoStat. 323149Ho-Chunk
1829August 3Treaty of Little SanduskyTreaty with the DelawaresArticles of agreement with the DelawaresStat. 326150Lenape
1829September 24Treaty of James ForkSupplementary article to the Treaty of St. Mary’sSupplementary articles of agreement with the Delawares of October 3, 1818Stat. 327150aLenape


YearDateTreaty NameAlternative
Treaty Name
StatutesLand Cession
(Royce Area)
1830July 15Fourth Treaty of Prairie du ChienTreaty with the Sauk and Foxes, etc., Fourth Treaty of Prairie du ChienStat. 328151Sac and Fox, the MdewakantonWahpekuteWahpeton and Sisiton SiouxOmahaIowayOtoe and Missouria
1830September 27Treaty of Dancing Rabbit CreekTreaty with the ChoctawStat. 333 Choctaw
1830August 31Treaty of FranklinTreaty with the ChickasawN/A Chickasaw
1830September 1Supplement to the Treaty of FranklinSupplemental Treaty with the ChickasawN/A Chickasaw
1831February 8Treaty of WashingtonTreaty with the MenomineeStat. 342 Menomini
1831February 17Supplement to the Treaty of WashingtonTreaty with the MenomineeStat. 346 Menomini
1831February 28Treaty of WashingtonTreaty with the SenecaStat. 348 Seneca nation
1831July 20Treaty of LewistownTreaty with the Seneca, etc.Stat. 351 Seneca nationShawnee
1831August 8Treaty of WapakonetaTreaty with the ShawneeStat. 355 Shawnee
1831August 30Treaty of Miami BayTreaty with the OttawaStat. 359 Ottawa
1832January 19 Treaty with the WyandotStat. 364 Wyandot
1832March 24Treaty of CussetaTreaty with the CreeksStat. 366 Creek
1832May 9Treaty of Payne’s LandingTreaty with the SeminoleStat. 368 Seminole
1832September 15 Treaty with the WinnebagoStat. 370 Winnebago
1832September 21 Treaty with the Sauk and FoxesStat. 374 Sac and Fox
1832October 11 Treaty with the Appalachicola BandStat. 377  
1832October 20 Treaty with the PotawatomiStat. 378 Potawatomi
1832October 20 Treaty with the ChickasawStat. 381 Chickasaw
1832October 22 Treaty with the ChickasawStat. 388 Chickasaw
1832October 24 Treaty with the KickapooStat. 391 Kickapoo
1832October 26 Treaty with the PotawatomiStat. 394 Potawatomi
1832October 26 Treaty with the Shawnee, etc.Stat. 397  
1832October 27 Treaty with the PotawatomiStat. 399 Potawatomi
1832October 27 Treaty with the Kaskaskia, etc.Stat. 403  
1832October 27 Treaty with the MenomineeStat. 405 Menominee
1832October 29 Treaty with the Piankashaw and WeaStat. 410 Piankasaw and Wea
1832December 29 Treaty with the Seneca and ShawneeStat. 411 Seneca and Shawnee
1833February 14 Treaty with the Western CherokeeStat. 414 Western Cherokee
1833February 14 Treaty with the CreeksStat. 417 Creek
1833February 18 Treaty with the OttawaStat. 420 Ottawa
1833March 28 Treaty with the SeminoleStat. 423 Seminole
1833May 13 Treaty with the QuapawStat. 424 Quapaw
1833June 18 Treaty with the Appalachicola BandStat. 427  
1833September 21 Treaty with the Oto and MissouriStat. 429 Oto and Missouri
1833September 26Treaty of ChicagoTreaty with the Chippewa, etc.Stat. 431 OttawaOjibwe and Potawatomi
1833October 9 Treaty with the PawneeStat. 448 Pawnee
1834May 24 Treaty with the ChickasawStat. 450 Chickasaw
1834October 23 Treaty with the MiamiStat. 458 Miami
1834December 4 Treaty with the PotawatomiStat. 467 Potawatomi
1834December 10 Treaty with the PotawatomiStat. 467 Potawatomi
1834December 16 Treaty with the PotawatomiStat. 468 Potawatomi
1834December 17 Treaty with the PotawatomiStat. 469 Potawatomi
1835July 1 Treaty with the CaddoStat. 470 Caddo
1835August 24 Treaty with the Comanche, etc.Stat. 474  
1835December 29Treaty of New EchotaTreaty with the CherokeeStat. 478 Cherokee
1835March 14Treaty of WashingtonAgreement with the CherokeeN/A Cherokee
1836March 26 Treaty with the PotawatomiStat. 490 Potawatomi
1836March 28Treaty of WashingtonTreaty with the Ottawa, etc.Stat. 491 Ottawa and Ojibwe
1836March 29 Treaty with the PotawatomiStat. 498 Potawatomi
1836April 11 Treaty with the PotawatomiStat. 499 Potawatomi
1836April 22 Treaty with the PotawatomiStat. 500 Potawatomi
1836April 22 Treaty with the PotawatomiStat. 501 Potawatomi
1836April 23 Treaty with the WyandotStat. 502 Wyandot
1836May 9 Treaty with the ChippewaStat. 503 Chippewa
1836August 5 Treaty with the PotawatomiStat. 505 Potawatomi
1836September 3 Treaty with the MenomineeStat. 506 Menominee
1836September 10 Treaty with the SiouxStat. 510 Sioux
1836September 17 Treaty with the Iowa, etc.Stat. 511  
1836September 20 Treaty with the PotawatomiStat. 513 Potawatomi
1836September 22 Treaty with the PotawatomiStat. 514 Potawatomi
1836September 23 Treaty with the PotawatomiStat. 515 Potawatomi
1836September 27 Treaty with the Sauk and Fox TribeStat. 516 Sac and Fox
1836September 28 Treaty with the Sauk and FoxesStat. 517 Sac and Fox
1836September 28 Treaty with the Sauk and FoxesStat. 520 Sac and Fox
1836October 15 Treaty with the Oto, etc.Stat. 524  
1836November 30 Treaty with the SiouxStat. 527 Sioux
1837January 14Treaty of DetroitTreaty with the ChippewaStat. 528 Chippewa
1837January 17Treaty of DoaksvilleTreaty with the Choctaw and Chickasaw11 Stat. 573 Choctaw and Chickasaw
1837February 11 Treaty with the PotawatomiStat. 532 Potawatomi
1837May 26 Treaty with the Kiowa, etc.Stat. 533  
1837July 29 Treaty with the ChippewaStat. 536 Chippewa
1837September 29 Treaty with the SiouxStat. 538 Sioux
1837October 21 Treaty with the Sauk and FoxesStat. 540 Sac and Fox
1837October 21 Treaty with the Yankton SiouxStat. 542 Yankton Sioux
1837October 21 Treaty with the Sauk and FoxesStat. 543 Sac and Fox
1837November 1 Treaty with the WinnebagoStat. 544 Winnebago
1837November 23 Treaty with the IowaStat. 547 Iowa
1837December 20 Treaty with the ChippewaStat. 547 Chippewa
1838January 15Treaty of Buffalo CreekTreaty with the New York IndiansStat. 550 SenecaMohwakCayugaOneidaOnondagaTuscarora
1838January 23Treaty of SaginawTreaty with the ChippewaStat. 565 Chippewa
1838February 3Treaty of WashingtonTreaty with the OneidaStat. 566 Oneida
1838October 19Treaty of Great NemowhawTreaty with the IowaStat. 568 Iowa
1838November 6Treaty of Wabash ForksTreaty with the MiamiStat. 569 Miami
1838November 23Treaty of Fort GibsonTreaty with the CreeksStat. 574
11 Stat. 599
1839January 11Treaty of Fort GibsonTreaty with the OsageStat. 576 Osage
1839February 7Supplement to the Treaty of DetroitTreaty with the ChippewaStat. 578 Chippewa
1839September 3Treaty of StockbridgeTreaty with the Stockbridge and MunseeStat. 580 11 Stat. 577 Stockbridge and Munsee


YearDateTreaty NameAlternative
Treaty Name
StatutesLand Cession
(Royce Area)
1840November 28Treaty of the WabashTreaty with the MiamiStat. 582 Miami
1842March 17 Treaty with the Wyandot11 Stat. 557 Wyandot
1842May 20Treaty of Buffalo CreekTreaty with the SenecaStat. 586 Seneca
1842October 4Treaty of La PointeTreaty with the ChippewaStat. 591 Chippewa
1842October 11 Treaty with the Sauk and FoxesStat. 596 Sac and Fox
1843  Agreement with the Delawares and Wyandot  Delaware and Wyandot
1845January 4 Treaty with the Creeks and SeminoleStat. 891 Creek and Seminole
1846January 14 Treaty with the Kansas TribeStat. 842  
1846May 15 Treaty with the Comanche, Ioni, Aionai, Anadarko, Caddo, etc.Stat. 844  
1846June 5 & 17 Treaty with the Potawatomi NationStat. 853 Potawatomi
1846August 6 Treaty with the CherokeeStat. 871 Cherokee
1846October 13 Treaty with the WinnebagoStat. 878 Winnebago
1846November 21Bear Springs Treaty  not ratifiedNavajo people
1847August 2 Treaty with the Chippewa of the Mississippi and Lake SuperiorStat. 904 Chippewa
1847August 21 Treaty with the Pillager Band of Chippewa IndiansStat. 908  
1848August 6Treaty of Fort ChildsTreaty with the Pawnee – Grand, Loups, Republicans, etc.Stat. 949 Pawnee
1848October 18 Treaty with the MenomineeStat. 952 Menominee
1848November 24 Treaty with the Stockbridge TribeStat. 955 Stockbridge Indians (Mahican)
1849September 9 Treaty with the NavahoStat. 974 Navaho
1849December 30Treaty of AlbuquerqueTreaty with the UtahStat. 984 Ute


YearDateTreaty NameAlternative
Treaty Name
StatutesLand Cession
(Royce Area)
1850April 1 Treaty with the WyandotStat. 987 Wyandot
1851July 23Treaty of Traverse des SiouxTreaty with the Sioux-Sisseton and Wahpeton Bands  Sioux
1851August 5Treaty of MendotaTreaty with the Sioux-Mdewakanton and Wahpakoota Bands  Sioux
1851September 17Treaty of Fort LaramieTreaty of Fort Laramie with Sioux, etc.11 Stat. 749 SiouxCheyenneArapahoCrowShoshoneAssiniboineMandanHidatsa and Arikara
1851September 20Treaty of PembinaTreaty with the Pembina and Red Lake Chippewa Half Breed Signatoriesnot ratified
(32nd-1st-Confidential Ex.Doc.10 1–3)
1852  Treaty with the Chickasaw  Chickasaw
1852  Treaty with the Apache  Apache
1853July 27 Treaty with the Comanche, Kiowa, and Apache  ComancheKiowa, and Apache
1853  Agreement with the Rogue Rivernot ratified Rogue River
1853September 10 Treaty with the Rogue River, 1853  Rogue River
1853  Treaty with the Umpqua–Cow Creek Band   
1854March 15 Treaty with the Oto and Missouri11 Stat. 605 Oto and Missouri
1854March 16 Treaty with the Omaha  Omaha
1854May 6 Treaty with the Delawares  Delaware
1854May 6 Treaty with the Creeks  Creek
1854May 10 Treaty with the Shawnee  Shawnee
1854  Treaty with the Menominee  Menominee
1854May 17 Treaty with the Iowa  Iowa
1854May 18 Treaty with the Sauk and Foxes of Missouri  Sac and Fox
1854May 18 Treaty with the Kickapoo  Kickapoo
1854May 30 Treaty with the Kaskaskia, Peoria, etc.   
1854June 5 Treaty with the Miami  Miami
1854June 13 Supplementary Treaty with the Creek11 Stat. 599 Creek
1854September 30Treaty of La Pointe (1854)Treaty with the Chippewa10 Stat. 1109332Chippewa
1854  Treaty with the Choctaw and Chickasaw  Choctaw and Chickasaw
1854  Treaty with the Rogue River, 1854  Rogue River
1854November 18 Treaty with the Chasta, Scoton, Umpqua   
1854November 29Treaty of Calapooia CreekTreaty with the Umpqua and Kalapuya  Umpqua and Kalapuya
1854December 9 Treaty with the Confederated Oto and Missouri  Oto and Missouri
1854December 26Treaty of Medicine CreekTreaty with the Nisqualli, Puyallup, etc.  NisquallyPuyallup and Squaxin Island
1855 Willamette Valley Treaty of 1855
Treaty of Dayton
Treaty with the Kalapuya, etc.   
1855January 22Treaty of Point ElliottTreaty with the Dwamish, Suquamish, etc., Point Elliott Treaty12 Stat. 927 DuwamishSuquamishSnoqualmieSnohomishLummiSkagitSwinomish
1855January 26 Treaty with the S’klallam12 Stat. 933 S’klallam
1855January 31Treaty of WashingtonTreaty with the Wyandot  Wyandot
1855January 31Treaty of Neah BayTreaty with the Makah12 Stat. 939 Makah
1855February 22Treaty of WashingtonTreaty with the Chippewa  Ojibwe (Mississippi and Pillager)
1855February 27Treaty of WashingtonTreaty with the Winnebago  Ho-chunk
1855June 9Treaties of Walla WallaTreaty with the Wallawalla, Cayuse, etc.12 Stat. 945 CayuseNez PerceUmatillaWalla Walla and Yakama
1855June 9 Treaty with the Yakima12 Stat. 951 Yakima
1855June 11 Treaty with the Nez Perces12 Stat. 957  
1855June 22Treaty of WashingtonTreaty with the Choctaw and Chickasaw11 Stat. 611 Choctaw and Chickasaw
1855June 25 Treaty with the Tribes of Middle Oregon12 Stat. 963  
1855July 1 Treaty with the Quinaielt, etc.12 Stat. 971  
1855July 16Treaty of HellgateTreaty with the Flatheads, etc.12 Stat. 975 Bitterroot SalishKootenai and Pend d’Oreilles
1855July 18 Merriwether’s Agreement with NavajoStat. 621 Navajo
1855July 31 Treaty with the Ottawa and ChippewaStat. 621 ChippewaOttawa
1855August 2 Treaty with the Chippewa of Sault Ste. Marie11 Stat. 631 Chippewa
1855August 2 Treaty with the Chippewa of Saginaw, Swan Creek and Black River11 Stat. 633 Chippewa
1855October 17 Treaty with the Blackfeet and other tribes11 Stat. 6571  
1855December 21 Treaty with the Molala12 Stat. 981 Molala
1856February 5 Treaty with the Stockbridge and Munsee11 Stat. 668 Stockbridge and Munsee
1856February 11 Treaty with the Menominee11 Stat. 679 Menominee
1856August 7 Treaty with the Creeks and Seminole11 Stat. 699Creeks ceded lands to Seminoles, Seminole removalCreek and Seminole
1857September 24 Treaty with Pawnee, Four Confederated Bands11 Stat. 729  
1857November 5 Treaty with the Seneca, Tonawanda Band11 Stat. 73512 Stat. 991  
1858March 12 Treaty with the Ponca12 Stat. 997 Ponca
1858June 19 Treaty with the Dakota or Sioux, Medawakanton and Wahpakoota Bands12 Stat. 1023  
1858June 19 Treaty with the Dakota or Sioux, Sisseton and Wahpaton Bands12 Stat. 1031  
1858June 19 Treaty with the Sioux, Medawakanton and Sisseeton Bands12 Stat. 1042 SiouxMedawakanton, and Sisseeton
1858December 25 Bonneville’s Agreement with Navajo 518, 519Navajo
1859April 15 Treaty with the Winnebago12 Stat. 1101 Winnebago
1859July 16 Treaty with the Chippewa, Swan Creek and Black Bands, and Monsee Christian Indians12 Stat. 1105 ChippewaSwan Creek and Black Bands, and Christian Indians
1859  Treaty with the Sauk and Foxes  Sac and Fox
1859October 5 Treaty with the Kansas Tribe12 Stat. 1111  


YearDateTreaty NameAlternative
Treaty Name
StatutesLand Cession
(Royce Area)
1860May 30 Treaty with the Delawares12 Stat. 1129  
1861February 18 Treaty with the Arapaho and Cheyenne12 Stat. 1163  
1861March 6 Treaty with the Sauk and Foxes and Iowas.12 Stat. 1171  
1861July 2 Treaty with the Delawares12 Stat. 1177  
1861November 15 Treaty with the Potawatomi12 Stat. 1191  
1862March 13 Treaty with the Kansas Indians12 Stat. 1221  
1862June 24 Treaty with the Ottawa of Blanchard’s Fork and Roche de Boeuf12 Stat. 1237  
1862June 28 Treaty with the Kickapoo13 Stat. 623  
1863March 11 Treaty with the Chippewa of the Mississippi and the Pillager and Lake Winnibigoshish Bands12 Stat. 1249  
1863June 9 Treaty with the Nez Perce14 Stat. 647 Nez Perce
1863  Treaty with the Eastern Shoshoni18 Stat. 685  
1863July 30 Treaty with the Shoshoni-Northwestern Bands13 Stat. 663  
1863  Treaty with the Western Shoshoni18 Stat. 689 444  
1863October 2 Supplement to Treaty with the Chippewa-Red Lake and Pembina Bands13 Stat. 667  
1863October 7 Treaty with the Utah-Tabeguache Band13 Stat. 673  
1863  Treaty with the Shoshoni-Goship13 Stat. 681  
1864April 12 Supplement to Treaty with the Chippewa—Red Lake and Pembina Bands13 Stat. 689  
1864May 7 Treaty with the Chippewa, Mississippi, and Pillager and Lake Winnibigoshish Bands13 Stat. 693  
1864October 14 Treaty with the Klamath, etc.16 Stat. 707  
1864October 18 Treaty with the Chippewa of Saginaw, Swan Creek, and Black River14 Stat. 657  
1865March 6 Treaty with the Omaha14 Stat. 667  
1865March 8 Treaty with the Winnebago14 Stat. 671  
1865March 10 Supplement to Treaty with the Ponca14 Stat. 675  
1865August 12 Treaty with the Snake, Wal Pah Pe Tribe14 Stat. 683  
1865September 29 Treaty with the Osage14 Stat. 687  
1865October 10 Treaty with the Sioux or Dakota, Miniconjou Band14 Stat. 695  
1865October 14 Treaty with the Sioux or Dakota, Lower Brule Band14 Stat. 699  
1865  Agreement with the Cherokee and Other Tribes in the Indian Territory   
1865October 14 Treaty with the Cheyenne and Arapaho14 Stat. 703  
1865October 17 Treaty with the Apache, Cheyenne, and Arapaho14 Stat. 713  
1865October 18 Treaty with the Comanche and Kiowa14 Stat. 717  
1865October 19 Treaty with the Dakota or Sioux, Two-Kettle Band14 Stat. 723  
1865October 19 Treaty with the Blackfeet Sioux14 Stat. 727  
1865October 20 Treaty with the Dakota or Sioux, Sans Arc Band14 Stat. 731  
1865October 20 Treaty with the Dakota or Sioux, Yankpapa Band14 Stat. 735  
1865October 20 Treaty with the Dakota or Sioux, Onkpahpah Band14 Stat. 739  
1865October 28 Treaty with the Dakota or Sioux, Upper Yanktonai Band14 Stat. 743  
1865October 28 Treaty with the Dakota or Sioux, Oglala Band14 Stat. 747  
1865November 15 Supplement to Treaty with the Confederated Tribes and Bands of Middle Oregon14 Stat. 751  
1866March 21 Treaty with the Seminole14 Stat. 755  
1866March 29 Treaty with the Potawatomi14 Stat. 763  
1866April 7 Treaty with the Chippewa, Bois Fort Band14 Stat. 765  
1866April 28 Treaty with the Choctaw and Chickasaw14 Stat. 769  
1866June 14 Treaty with the Creek Nation14 Stat. 785  
1866July 4 Treaty with the Delawares14 Stat. 793  
1866  Agreement at Fort Berthold, Appendix   
1866July 19 Treaty with the Cherokee14 Stat. 799  
1866July 19 Supplement to Treaty with the Cherokee16 Stat. 727  
1867February 18 Treaty with the Sauk and Foxes15 Stat. 495  
1867February 19 Treaty with the Sioux—Sisseton and Wahpeton Bands15 Stat. 505  
1867February 19 Treaty with the Seneca, Mixed Seneca and Shawnee, Quapaw, etc.15 Stat. 513  
1867February 27 Treaty with the Potawatomi15 Stat. 531  
1867March 19 Treaty with the Chippewa of the Mississippi16 Stat. 719  
1867October 21Medicine Lodge TreatyTreaty with the Kiowa and Comanche15 Stat. 581  
1867July 25 Treaty with the Kiowa, Comanche, and Apache15 Stat. 589  
1867October 28 Treaty with the Cheyenne and Arapaho15 Stat. 593  
1868March 2 Treaty with the Ute15 Stat. 619  
1868April 27 Treaty with the Cherokee16 Stat. 727  
1868April 29Treaty of Fort LaramieTreaty with the Sioux—Brule, Oglala, Miniconjou, Yanktonai, Hunkpapa, Blackfeet, Cuthead, Two Kettle, Sans Arcs, and Santee—and Arapaho15 Stat. 635  
1868May 7 Treaty with the Crows15 Stat. 649  
1868May 10 Treaty with the Northern Cheyenne and Northern Arapaho15 Stat. 655  
1868June 1Treaty of Fort SumnerTreaty with the Navajo Indians; Navajo Treaty of 1868; Bosque Redondo Treaty; Treaty of Hwéeldi15 Stat. 667518, 519Navajo
1868July 3 Treaty with the Eastern Band Shoshoni and Bannock15 Stat. 673524,539,540 
1868August 13Treaty of LapwaiTreaty with the Nez Perce15 Stat. 693 Nez Perce


Treaty-making between various Native American governments and the United States officially concluded on March 3, 1871 with the passing of the United States Code Title 25, Chapter 3, Subchapter 1, Section 71 (25 U.S.C. § 71). Pre-existing treaties were grandfathered, and further agreements were made under domestic law.

YearDateTreaty NameAlternative
Treaty Name
StatutesLand Cession
(Royce Area)
1870January 31Executive Order N/A527, 528San Pasqual and Pala Valley Mission Indians
1870March 30Executive Order N/A Round Valley Indian Reservation
1870April 12Executive Order N/A620, 621Arikara, Gros Ventre, and Mandan
1870April 12Executive Order N/A529Arikara, Gros Ventre, and Mandan
1870July 15Act of Congress 16 Stat. 359650Kickapoo of Texas and Mexico
1870July 15Act of Congress 16 Stat. 362534Great and Little Osage
1870July 15Act of Congress 16 Stat. 362530Great and Little Osage
1871February 6Act of Congress 16 Stat. 404403Stockbridge and Munsee
1871March 3Act of CongressUnited States Code Title 25, Chapter 3, Subchapter 1, Section 7116 Stat. 566  
1871March 3Act of Congress 16 Stat. 569650Kickapoo of Texas and Mexico
1871March 14Executive Order N/A537Paiute, Snake, Shoshoni
1871March 27Executive Order N/A534Osage
1871November 9Executive Order N/A531Southern Apache
1871November 9Executive Order N/A573, 603Apache
1871November 9Executive Order N/A541Apache
1871November 9Executive Order N/A582Apache
1871DecemberMemorandum N/A Methow, Okanagan, Kootenay, Pend d’Oreille, Colville, North Spokane, San Poeil et al.
1872April 9Executive Order N/A533Methow, Okanagan, et al.
1872April 23Act of Congress 17 Stat. 55566Ute
1872May 8Act of Congress 17 Stat. 85 Kaw
1872May 23Act of Congress 17 Stat. 159506Potawatomi and Absentee Shawnee
1872May 29Act of Congress 17 Stat. 190 Lake Superior Chippewa
1872May 29Act of Congress 17 Stat. 190 Cheyenne and Arapaho
1872June 1Act of Congress 17 Stat. 213256Miami (Meshin-go-mesia’s band)
1872June 5Act of Congress 17 Stat. 228534Great and Little Osage
1872June 5Act of Congress 17 Stat. 228535Kaw
1872June 5Act of Congress 17 Stat. 266 Flathead
1872June 7Act of Congress 17 Stat. 281 Sisseton and Wahpeton Sioux
1872June 10Act of Congress 17 Stat. 381 Ottawa and Chippewa
1872June 10Act of Congress 17 Stat. 388 Ottawa of Blanchards Fork and Roche de Boeuf
1872June 10Act of Congress 17 Stat. 391 Omaha, Pawnee, Oto, Missouri, and Sac and Fox of the Missouri
1872July 2Executive Order N/A533, 536Methow, Okanaga, et al.
1872September 12Executive Order N/A537, 638, 646Paiute, Snake, and Shoshoni
1872September 20AgreementAgreement with the Sisseton and Wahpeton Bands of Sioux IndiansRev. Stat 1050538Sisseton and Wahpeton Bands of Sioux
1872September 26Agreement 18 Stat. 291539, 540Shoshoni
1872October 19Agreement N/A540AWichita and affiliated bands
1872October 26Executive Order N/A Makah
1872December 14Executive Order N/A541, 600Apache
1872December 14Executive Order N/A Apache
1873January 2Executive Order N/A Makah
1873January 9Executive Order N/A607Tule River, King’s River, Owen’s River, et al.
1873February 14Act of Congress 17 Stat. 456538Sisseton and Wahpeton Sioux
1873February 19Act of Congress 17 Stat. 466249New York Indians
1873March 1Executive Order N/A337Lac Courte Oreille Band of Chippewa
1873March 3Act of Congress 17 Stat. 539542Pembina Chippewa
1873March 3Act of CongressAbolish tribal relations17 Stat. 631330Miami
1873March 3Act of Congress 17 Stat. 633543Creek and Seminole
1873March 3Act of Congress 17 Stat. 626544, 583Round Valley Indian Reservation
1873March 3Act of Congress 17 Stat. 626 Crow
1873April 8Executive Order N/A576Paiute, et al.
1873April 8Executive Order N/A583Round Valley Indian Reservation
1873May 2AgreementAmended Agreement with Certain Sioux Indians17 Stat. 456; 18 Stat. 167 Sisseton and Wahpeton Bands of Sioux
1873May 29Executive Order N/A643, 644Mescalero Apache
1873June 16Executive Order N/A545Nez Perce
1873July 5Executive Order N/A565, 574Blackfoot, Gros Ventre, et al.
1873August 5Executive Order N/A546Apache
1873August 16Agreement N/A557Crow
1873September 6Executive Order N/A405Niskwali, et al.
1873September 9Executive Order N/A349Dwamish, et al.
1873September 13AgreementBrunot Treaty[35]N/A566Colorado Ute
1873October 3Executive Order N/A547, 607Tule river, King’s river, Owen’s river, et al.
1873October 21Executive Order N/A548Makah
1873November 4Executive Order N/A549Mississippi Chippewa
1873November 4Executive Order N/A550Mississippi Chippewa
1873November 4Executive Order N/A372, 551Quinaielt, Quillehute, et al.
1873November 8Executive Order N/A552, 553Coeur d’Alene, et al.
1873November 22Executive Order N/A554Colorado River Indian Reservation
1873November 22Executive Order N/A555Dwamish, et al.
1873December 10Executive Order N/A563Jicarilla Apache
1873December 23Executive Order N/A351Dwamish, et al.
1873December 31Executive Order N/A Santee Sioux
1874January 31Executive Order N/A557Crow
1874February 2Executive Order N/A643Mescalero Apache
1874February 12Executive Order N/A558, 576Paiute, et al.
1874February 14Executive Order N/A Odawa and Ojibwe in Michigan
1874February 25Executive Order N/A559Skokomish (S’klallam)
1874March 19Executive Order N/A560Paiute
1874March 23Executive Order N/A561, 562Paiute
1874March 25Executive Order N/A563Apache (Jicarilla bands)
1874April 9Executive Order N/A564Muckleshoot Indian Reservation
1874April 9Executive Order N/A588Apache
1874April 15Act of CongressEstablished reservation18 Stat. 28565Gros Ventre, Piegan, Blood, Blackfoot, River Crow
1874April 29Act of CongressAgreement of 18 Sept 1873 confirmed18 Stat. 36566Ute
1874May 26Executive Order N/A567, 568Pillager Chippewa
1874June 22Act of CongressPayment for land by 12 Sept 1854 Treaty18 Stat. 140569L’Anse and Lac Vieux Desert Ojibwe
1874June 22Act of CongressAgreement of 26 Sept 1872 confirmed18 Stat. 166539Shoshoni
1874June 22Act of Congress2nd payment re Acts of 1872 & 187318 Stat. 167538Sisseton and Wahpeton Sioux
1874June 22Act of CongressPurchase of Land18 Stat. 170570From Omaha for Winnegagoes
1874June 22Act of CongressFund removal, as per Treaty 18 May 185418 Stat. 156 Kickapoo of Texas and Mexico
1874June 23Agreement N/A571Eastern Shawnee
1874June 23Act of CongressSale of lands per 1872 Act18 Stat. 272 Kaw, “Kansas Indian” lands
1874June 23Act of CongressNA18 Stat. 273 not in cite572Papago
1874June 23Act of CongressNA18 Stat. 273 not in cite New York Indians
1874July 21Executive Order N/A573Apache
1874August 19Executive Order N/A574Gros Ventre, Piegan, Blood, Blackfoot, River Crow
1874November 16Executive Order N/A466, 554, 593 
1874November 24Executive Order N/A531Southern Apache
1874December 15Act of CongressTreaty 3 July 1868 amended, land ceded18 Stat. 291539Shoshoni
1875January 11Executive Order N/A614Sioux
1875February 12Executive Order N/A575ShoshoneBannockSheepeater
1875March 3Act of CongressReduced reservation18 Stat. 445576, 577Paiute
1875March 3Act of CongressRemoved to new reservation18 Stat. 446578, 579Alsea Indian Reservation, Siletz Indian Reservation
1875March 3Act of CongressPurchase land for18 Stat. 447580Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians
1875March 3Act of CongressAgreement 23 June 1874 confirmed, Eastern Shawnee lands to Modoc18 Stat. 447571Eastern Shawnee, Modoc
1875March 16Executive Order N/A581Sioux
1875March 25Executive Order N/A557Crow (Judith Basin Indian Reservation)
1875April 13Executive Order N/A622, 623Gros Ventre, Piegan, Blood, Blackfoot, River Crow
1875April 23Executive Order N/A582Apache
1875May 15Executive Order N/A589, 646Paiute and Shoshoni
1875May 18Executive Order N/A583Round Valley Indian Reservation
1875May 20Executive Order N/A614Sioux
1875June 10Executive Order N/A545Nez Perce
1875June 23Executive Order N/A584Sioux
1875July 3Executive Order N/A577Paiute
1875October 20Executive Order N/A Mescalero Apache
1875October 20Executive Order N/A585Crow
1875November 22Executive Order N/A586Ute
1875December 21Executive Order N/A587, 588Southern Apache
1875December 27Executive Order N/A Missin Indians (Portrero [Rincon, Gapich, LaJolla], Cahuila, Capitan Grande, Santa Ysabel [Mesa Grande], Pala, Agua Caliente, Sycuan, Inaja, Cosmit)


YearDateTreaty NameAlternative
Treaty Name
StatutesLand Cession
(Royce Area)
1880January 6Executive Order N/A615Navajo
1880January 17Executive Order N/A Mission Indians (Agua Caliente Indian ReservationSanta Ysabel Indian Reservation)
1880March 6Agreement 21 Stat. 199616, 617Ute
1880March 6Executive Order N/A618Nez Perce (Moses’ Band)
1880March 16Act of Congress 21 Stat. 68 Kaw
1880May 14Agreement N/A Crow
1880May 14Agreement N/A Shoshoni, Bannock, and Sheep-eater
1880June 8Executive Order N/A Havasupai
1880June 12AgreementAgreement with the CrowsN/A619Crow
1880June 15Act of Congress N/A Ute
1880July 13Executive Order N/A620, 621Arikara, Gros Ventre, and Mandan
1880July 13Executive Order N/A622, 623Gros Ventre, Piegan, Blood, Blackfoot, and River Crow
1880July 13Executive Order N/A613Sioux (Drifting Goose’s Band)
1880July 23Executive Order N/A Malheur Indian Reservation
1880September 11Agreement N/A616, 617Ute
1880September 21Executive Order N/A624Jicarilla Apache
1880November 23Executive Order N/A Havasupai
1882–83  Agreement with the Sioux of Various Tribes   
1883  Agreement with the Columbia and Colville   
1891January 12Act of Congress 26 Stat. 712 Mission Indians
1891February 13Act of Congress 26 Stat. 749 Sac and Fox
1891March 3Act of Congress 26 Stat. 1016506Citizen Band of Potawatomi
1891March 3Act of Congress 26 Stat. 1022525Cheyenne and Arapaho
1891March 3Act of Congress 26 Stat. 1027553Coeur d’Alene
1891March 3Act of Congress 26 Stat. 1032712, 713Gros Ventre and Mandan
1891March 3Act of Congress 26 Stat. 1035496Sisseton and Wahpeton Sioux
1891March 13Act of Congress 26 Stat. 1016506Absentee Shawnee
1891October 16Executive Order N/A400, 461Hupa et al.
1892June 17Executive Order N/A716Fort Berthold Indian Reservation
1892June 17Act of Congress 27 Stat. 52400Klamath River Indian Reservation
1892July 1Act of Congress 27 Stat. 62717, 718Colville Indian Reservation
1892July 13Act of Congress 27 Stat. 124552Coeur d’Alene
1892July 13Act of Congress 27 Stat. 139625Spokane
1892October 22McCumber AgreementAgreement Between the Turtle Mountain Indians and the Commission52nd-2nd-Ex.Doc.229 Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa
1892November 21Executive Order N/A655Navajo
1892November 21Executive Order N/A719Red Lake Band of Chippewa
1892November 28Executive Order N/A Yakima
1893February 20Act of Congress 27 Stat. 469720White Mountain Apache
1893March 3Act of Congress 27 Stat. 557650Kickapoo
1893March 3Act of Congress 27 Stat. 640289Cherokee
1893March 3Act of Congress 27 Stat. 643606Tonkawa
1893March 3Act of Congress 27 Stat. 644591Pawnee
1893April 12Executive Order N/A Osette Indians
1893September 11Executive Order N/A Hoh River Indians
1894June 6Act of Congress 28 Stat. 86370Warm Springs
1894August 15Act of Congress 28 Stat. 314411Yankton Sioux
1894August 15Act of Congress 28 Stat. 320400Yakima
1894August 15Act of Congress 28 Stat. 332552Coeur d’Alene
1894August 15Act of Congress 28 Stat. 320 Yakima
1894August 15Act of Congress 28 Stat. 323479Alsea et al.
1894August 15Act of Congress 28 Stat. 326442Nez Perce
1894August 15Act of Congress 28 Stat. 332652Yuma
1902March 10McLaughlin AgreementAgreement Between the Red Lake Indians and the Commission33 Stat. 46  
1904April 21Act of CongressTurtle Mountain Chippewa Treaty; 10-cent Treaty; Agreement with the Turtle Mountain Band, amended and ratified33 Stat. 194 Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians


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