Company Structure / Bylaws




bylaws (plural noun)

  1. a rule made by a company or society to control the actions of its members. synonyms: local law · regulation · rule
  2. British regulation made by a local authority; an ordinance. synonyms: regulation · statute · enactment · act · bill · decree · edict · rule · ruling · resolution · promulgation · measure · motion · dictum · command · order · stipulation · commandment · directive · pronouncement · ratification · proclamation · dictate · diktat · fiat · covenant · demand · bylaw · ordinance · ukase · pronunciamento

Even though we have given you templates, please be sure to read everything and tailor the documents to your personal business needs.

Here we have an example of public non-profit bylaws and one of the structures we used to crate ATUM with the use of codes that pertains to religion. For constitutional protection, because you can not refute someone’s religion or their views as it pertains to their own personal beliefs towards THEIR GOD. Whether its a man or woman, a spirit in the sky, money or just the interconnection of nature and it working like ATUM teach in Quantum mechanics.

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