Conducting Commerce After Filing

In this lesson, we will just hit on some of the many options that we can partake in with out putting ourselves or business in jeopardy. This is one of the biggest questions after becoming a creditor. What’s next? Well to keep it simple, its to Leverage / Make money / do Commerce. So let’s start.

We won’t go too in-depth in this section but other points will come up later like trust and CPNs later. One of the 1st steps after filing would be to establish a business structure, a holding trust, and a moving trust. By doing this we have an empty shell for us to fill up and move around as we see fit. If done correctly, none of the structures created will have an EIN number attached to It keeping it in a separate tax bracket and now what we call “private” as well.  Now we open private domestic accounts. For those with the ability,  an offshore account as well to move funds legally and privately. If you have a 9 to 5, do a direct deposit to your business or trust account to keep a positive balance. Now just that alone is not enough to leverage. We must have credit. Not any credit but aged positive credit. This may be a reflection of incurred. We want to make sure that everything meets the MONEY STANDARD meaning it looks good enough to a lender to get you paid.

So the goal here is to show the students how to move in a manner that can benefit them instead of them just holding documents without any life changes. So a plan is a MUST! More specifically, a business plan for you, your family and business. This plan can be applied to the business and trust you will learn to establish in the next section. That will make you eligible for funding. Which is the goal! Money, Leverage, and Commerce

Next is the review test of the 1st section UCC

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