Drying/ Curing

Drying / Curing

  • In horticulture in particular, curing is a process that involves drying the moisture out of plant material. Many plants are cured, such as hemp , sagebrush, bay leaves, tea leaves, and tobacco. Historically, plants were harvested by cutting the stem at the base and then the entire plant was hung upside down to dry.


From Gamphace An American Story

We like to hang our Flowers or a rope hanger or a drying rack for 4-7 days at a  Temperature of  68°-71° Humidity 40%-50%

Trimming is very important in todays society. Is something called bag appeal the better it look the more people want it. So take your time and also look at other trimmers and how their product comes out. Check out YouTube videos and always have clean blades.


Put your Flowers into an air-tight container.

Once a day, open the container for 1 to 3 hours to allow the built-up moisture to escape.

Burping can take anywhere from 2-5 days depending on personal preference. And they your done , Enjoy!

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