Family Trust

1.Wealth Building

2.Family Goals and Constitutions. Establishing roles

3. Family banking

4. Humanitarian efforts

1.Wealth Building

Wealth Building is the main principle goal of the family trust. Based on every individual in the family, they are to make sure they are assets to the family and not a liability. Meaning a portion of their brand or business should come back to the family account and assets should be put in the family trust name. 3-25 percent is reasonable enough to compound funds without jeopardy to personal finances. Also, this rolls over into social dealing and who we build contracts with (Relationships) meaning who we court and bring in to the family structure.

So if there is someone you find interest in, it is in your best interest that you ask the following questions. Consider the results from business mindset. Marriage for love is a new concept and people often fall out of that but not often do we fall out of business.

A. What value can they bring to you and the family?

B. How will they match with the business and its members?

C. Do they have their own business if so can it be a benefit to the (potential) family structure?

D. The ability to have children?

E. What is the perspective on education?

F. Perspective on financial stability and financial maintenance.

2.Family Goals and Constitutions and positions

It is imperative that the family goals and intentions are expressed as a whole and place on a document in a  Mission Statement format. Here roles, rules, goals, and expectations can be established.

Such as …

House of Jones Tribe of Bey Family Trust

It is our goal that we will collectively work to uplift each other and all of humanity. We will speak positivity and use teamwork to achieve a family net worth of 3 Billion. We agree to actively participate in the humanitarian program …….. Be clear and direct. Have all family members who agree sign. This will be considered the family standard and contract.

3. Family Banking

A Family that banks together (Properly) stays together. You can take your family trust documents to the bank with the Certification of trust with the following

1.Date of execution

2.Settlor/s name

3.Trustee name

4.Type of Trust

5.An individual who has the authority to change the trust if irrevocable

6.Trustee who holds supreme authority if more then one

7.Trust ID number

8. The manner in which the Title and trust name should reflect on document s … DJ Bey trustee for House of Jones Tribe of Bey family trust.

9. Jurat of notary

and If you conduct your self properly you should not have  Social Security number for Tax to attach to the account keeping it private.

5. Humanitarian efforts

It’s important to give back to those in need and provide economic relief as long as you have the ability without material injury to yourself or Family. Charity work is a principle that one of the oldest organizations in the world stands on. We can not get away from universal law, so we can not escape the law of service.

You can establish Non-profit family programs, wellness walks and campaigns. All of the funds the family renders for said program, these now eligible for are tax write-offs. So, if the accounting is done properly you can receive the funds back in a US treasure tax return from the IRS.

Just be sure to have the business structured properly and privately (no SSN attached ) to keep the tax liability down. Like the Non-profit bylaws in the Business week.

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