Lights and Temp

 23° C(75° F) or below 29.4° C (85° F) while at night it should be 20-22° C (68-72° F). If it drops drastically below that range, you should use a fan over the night to remove all the excess moisture from the air. You have to hault the vent, an hour before you turn on the light this will increase the absorption of CO2 they gives off during the night. .

The photosynthesis happen faster if there is an increase of temperature. During the flowering stage above 22° C (72° ) may result to lesser photosynthesis. While having 22° C (72° ) is more appropriate in seed germination and checking of sex. Temperature with 28° C (82° ) will cause burning to germinating plant.

I have Veg for 24 Hours its a lot of stress on the plant so when I change to flower I let the plant rest 2-3 days. I also do the 18 hours.

Be sure to keep the Ac and fans goin and also check the canopy temp. It ill be different from the room temp reason you need the fan to push air so you don’t get mold or mildew on the plant.

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