Protecting Your New Credit Profile

You do not want to link your old credit file to your new one.) 

The most important thing is an address 

you have never had mail sent to before, a new phone number, and a 

ID with your new address on it.  

 Do not ever use a bank or financial institution that has already been used in the past.  


 Don’t use an old address,  or old phone number as your 

identification at institutions you have established accounts with under 

your new credit profile. 

Apply by mail instead of by phone or in-person as much as you can 

for credit cards and other credit-related items. 

 Only use your info you established with the new credit number

address, new or current nine-digit credit number, and the year of your 

birth on all credit applications. 


credit file – It has to have record of first inquiry – 30-45 Days    


 Apply for a self lender at or  Secured Visa Card (This is a Visa Card correlates with 

your savings account on deposit at the lender/bank). After receiving 

Do not ever fill out a government form or application with the EIN 

number method, it would be considered a crime.   

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