UCC for Business

In this lesson, we will go over the UCC filing for the purpose of transactions and commercial papers under UCC article 3.

Document Below:

ucc1 with info


This here is the blank UCC and a template filled in for business

Document Below:


This is a Loan agreement which can also be used for credit reporting. When filed with a UCC and mailed to the proper reporting agencies, it will generate a hard tradeline for the business that is properly identified with its Name address EIN and email and phone number. By doing this monthly as the loan is reported to be paid down creates a revolving account the will run on the credit till you terminate the loan with a UCC3 which we will give an example of.

Documents Below:

AW Class Loan Agreement


UCC3 with Info


We recommend students file online with uploaded PDF files of their documents for collateral. Some systems make the files to large for the S.O.S. UCC filing system so we will give you a link to compress your uploaded file to the UCC platform. Keep in mind if State you file in has adopted all of the UCC codes if not thankfully the S.O.S. joined their system in all states to better track people and documents so I can file in Michigan and give other States Notice. It is best to file where the business is located if possible.



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