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  • 1.plants considered collectively, especially those found in a particular area or habitat:“the chalk cliffs are mainly sheer with little vegetation
  • 2.the action or process of vegetating.


This is usually a 8 week period depending on the strain. With 18 hours of light and 6 of dark this is imperative in forcing the pant to grow to a good size. 

Topping your Veg plants is very key to having a good yield. Shape your plants to grow wide making your canopy evenly & allowing for max yields per light.


Make sure you top them making cut them all to the same height in the room.

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We LOLLIPOP our plants between week 4 and week 6,IT FORCES ALL THE NUTRENTES TO THE NEEDED AREAS OF THE PLANT building new tops and getting ready for Flower.

This allows you to shape  your plants to grow as you like. But most importantly, it makes a faster veg. Be sure to always use clean blades to make cuts and remove all fan leaves that will take away from the fruit / Flower.



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