What it All means

To summarize the Course, Its best to say its so much that has been hidden for us as the Aboriginal American people. The time for pointing fingers has passed and its time for accountability and solutions on our part. We must become knowledgeable in our own affairs such as Law, Human and Environmental  affairs , managing our own Intellectual property our Education and Health and remove our selves from the Defacto system of the United States. We must deal in our true International jurisdiction (Refer to the CAYUGA INDIANS (GREAT BRITAIN) v. UNITED STATES case) with the rest of the world and not a second class status under a colonizer business that only they benefit from, Off of our ignorance and energy. Yet 98% of tribes have nothing to show for it. 

I purpose a change and a very specific and detailed steps to set the platform for the Aboriginal Tribes of the Americas to hold those who have trespassed against us and our ancestor and demand remedy with legal claims with Equity and Trust which both are respected Internationally.


This is the general list of things you will need to do. 

  • Genealogy 
  • Establish what tribal nations you belong to 
  • Connect your self to your tribe (info in part 3 and 4 of class)
  • The Land Hunt (Search for Land Patents and family land )
  • Establish the proper documents ( Tribal documents, Trust , all land Documents) 
  • DO the Background work … see if any nations or corporations trespassed against your tribes and family 
  • Make your Claim 
  • Get in in the Right Jurisdiction 
  • IF the US refused the case take it to the international court as a Aboriginal of the Americas 
  • Work to maintain the integrity and legacy of your family ….WE ARE STILL HERE 




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